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Republic Appraisal Services has earned the reputation as the industries' foremost leader in the disposition of surplus assets. We have spent decades traveling the globe and helping our clients realize the highest recoveries possible. Our tireless efforts on behalf of our clients have made us a global leader for developing the solutions and strategies needed to convert redundant or aged assets into new found liquidity.

Liquidity Can Be Found in Any Asset

Change is simply a fact of doing business. Plants and factories close - stores close. The machinery, equipment and fixtures of each of these facilities have a value. Change can be a part of mergers and acquisitions, and invariably include a crossover of facilities or stores. The duplicative assets in these locations have a value. Change can also be a factor of staying competitive and upgrading a facility. The assets displaced from the upgrade have a value. Our job is to ascertain the value of these items and maximize the monetary recovery we generate for our clients. Republic Appraisal Services can provide an enterprise view including a current scope of the global supply and demand for comparable assets, allowing our clients to make informed and intelligent business decisions.

Every day, our asset disposition specialists are working with buyers and sellers in the global marketplace. With hundreds of billions of dollars of assets flowing through the markets, our in-depth coverage of the markets and the relationships we have are invaluable for our clients. Over the years, we have amassed a large network of buyers and sellers, and have formulated a centralized database of transactional information and industry partners to utilize to generate maximum returns for our clients.

Orderly Sales, Auctions, & Outright Purchase

The disposition specialists of Republic Appraisal Services can devise a series of options and solutions for our clients that include orderly liquidations, negotiated transactions, and auctions. We further utilize our website (see "What's New") to promote our transactions and can even add a live simultaneous web-cast to our auction events. When appropriate and advantageous for the client, Republic Appraisal Services will purchase the assets outright. For every scenario, our specialists work diligently with each client to determine the most appropriate platform to maximize their recovery. The road less traveled can be frustrating and full of perils for the uninformed. Republic Appraisal Services can give unparalleled guidance and direction to steer our clients in the right direction. Our decades of experience are a testimony to our longevity in this industry and our ongoing commitment to excel. With Republic Appraisal Services as a partner, options bring opportunity.


Republic Associates has the experience and credentials required to furnish the financial industry with this important collateral support service.


An accurate reliable appraisal is mandatory in today's lending environment. Our appraisers have the experience to know the market!

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