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About Us

Republic Appraisal provides a broad range of valuation and advisory solutions that enables companies to confidently make strategic business decisions and achieve greater success.

Properly leverage your business

Financial Reporting
Accurately report your financial position

Tax Management
Take control of your tax liability

Litigation Support
Win legal disputes

Risk Management
Thoughtfully manage risk & premium expense

Asset Management
Maximize return on and return of investment

Business Planning
Achieve your business goals

Services by Business Need

Completing a Merger or Acquisition
Perform due diligence, unite the businesses and optimize performance

Coping with Bankruptcy or Reorganization
Develop a plan, reorganize the business and emerge stronger

Consolidating Operations
Plan your strategy, facilitate the change and follow through diligently

Managing Risk of Business Interruption
Cushion the blow, manage the pain and get back into business quickly

Planning for Succession
Prepare for the future, execute the plan and transition seamlessly


Republic Associates has the experience and credentials required to furnish the financial industry with this important collateral support service.


An accurate reliable appraisal is mandatory in today's lending environment. Our appraisers have the experience to know the market!

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