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Asset Inspections and Tagging

Asset Redeployment

Asset Based Lending Appraisals

Purchase Price Allocation

ASC 820, ASC 805 (Formally FAS 141R, FAS145)

Actual Cash Value (Insurance)

Estate and Tax Planning


Litigation Support

Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax Appeals




Definitions of Appraisals


Fair Market Value - Exchange Market Value Tax (Ad Valorem)

Fair Market Value - In Continued Use                             Liquidation Value In Place

Fair Market Value - Installed                                           Orderly Liquidation Value

Fair Market Value – Removal                                          Orderly Liquidation Value In Place

Fair Value                                                                        Replacement Cost New

Forced Liquidation Value                                                 Reproduction Cost New

Insurance Replacement Cost                                            Salvage Value

Insurance Value Depreciated                                            Scrap Value 





Aircraft/Aerospace                                                           Metalworking / Machine Tools

Agricultural                                                                       Office Machine & Equipment

Audio/Video/Broadcast                                                     Packaging

Bio Technology                                                                       Pharmaceutical                                                                   

CD/DVD/VHS Production/Replication                              Plastics Processing

Communications                                                               Circuit Board Insertion and Assembly

Electronics/Computers                                                      Printing & Bindery

Food & Beverage Processing                                            Semi-Conductor

Laboratory/Test/Measurement                                           Telecommunications

Laser Technology                                                              Textile/Apparel

Material Handling & Storage                                              Transportation/Rolling Stock

Medical Technology                                                          Woodworking & Lumber


More to come


Republic Associates has the experience and credentials required to furnish the financial industry with this important collateral support service.


An accurate reliable appraisal is mandatory in today's lending environment. Our appraisers have the experience to know the market!

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